February 14, 2020

Find Out Where Will Be the Safest Place to Travel in 2024

By Dr. Lora Poppins

With Berkshire Hathaway's advice, discover the travel places that are the safest for 2024

We've been ranking the safest locations on Earth for nine years, using information from the State Department, visitor surveys, and the Global Peace Index.

In 2024, our priorities have shifted from terrorism and illnesses to freedom, health, and anti-discrimination measures.

Canada is ranked #1 in both health and transportation in the 2024 Safety Rankings.

Canada's safety appeal is enhanced by its low population and cold climate.

Citing its history and low crime rate, Switzerland climbs to second place.

Take A Note About Canada: Be Aware of Wildfires and Other Natural Disasters.

Top 5 Secure Nations: Netherlands, Norway, Ireland, and the Netherlands.

A rise in minor crimes pushes the Netherlands down to fifth place in the safety rankings.