The Best 10 AI Tools for Students in 2024 

Benefits of these AI tools 

1. Saving you time 2. Boosting your efficiency 3. Personalizing your learning

1. OpenAI Playground

Open ai is advanced tool where you can find all information related to reasearch, coding, tutorials etc.

2. ChatGPT 

ChatGPT is a free conversational AI program that can generate text based on your desired prompt.  

3. QuillBot 

QuillBot is an artificial intelligence (AI) program that helps with writing, paraphrasing, article writing, and other tasks.

4. PaperTyper is a well-known site that provides students with free online resources for paper writing.  

5. Fotor 6. Adobe Express & Firefly

7. Caktu 8. Grammarly

9. 10. Quizlet